Getting permission to have a pet

child-sitting-with-her-dogWhen you apply to live in an NCHA home, you’ll be able to tell us on your application form that you intend to keep a pet (or that you already have one). If you’re already living in an NCHA property and would like to get a pet, you can complete a pet application form. You must wait until you have been given permission by NCHA before getting a pet.

All pets, including assistance dogs, need to be registered with NCHA. If your existing pet is rehomed or passes away, you will need to complete the pet application form again if you wish to get a new pet.

In most cases, we’ll be able to give you permission to keep a pet if you live in a house, maisonette, bungalow, or flat with its own entrance and access to an outside area. We can also consider pets in other types of accommodation. When we consider whether a pet can be allowed in any of our properties, we look at:

  • The type of building, including layout and access points
  • The local environment
  • The potential impact on other customers.

Where we have to say no to someone keeping a pet, we will clearly set out, in writing, our reasons for the refusal. Some animals are not allowed in NCHA properties and we expect customers to keep pets under control at all times. 

We don’t allow cat or dog flaps to be installed. This is for reasons related to security and fire safety.

Assistance dogs

Permission for an assistance dog will be usually granted automatically. But we will need to carry out a few checks first, and you will still need to complete the pet application form.

Where an animal is requested to provide emotional support to assist health and wellbeing we will request confirmation of this need from the appropriate medical practitioner.

Ready to apply for permission? Contact us using your My NCHA account to get permission.

Download our pet policy 

The information above is an edited version of our pet policy. You can download the pet policy in full [PDF].