What our customers say

We're always listening to our customers - and we regularly make changes to our services to accommodate their requests. Here are some recent comments we've had from customers and their family members, for our services all over the East Midlands. (We also carry out regular customer surveys, asking our care and support customers to tell us about their experience of NCHA’s services.)

Wonderful support

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful support that you have given to our son. I can see a huge difference in him. Thank you for working with him with his laundry, which was a task getting him to do, helping keep his room immaculate and guiding him to eat healthily due to health reasons that he would not have known if you hadn't have taken him for his check up at the GP surgery. Thank you so much."
Moving Forward, Bassetlaw

Amazing support

"In April 2019 I was made homeless, along with my wife and two children. It was a distressing time for us all. The support we had was amazing."
Homelessness Prevention Service

A brighter future

Lorraine has been really helpful and resourceful. I learnt a lot from her and came out a with wider options - and I was able to see my future brighter. My sessions with Lorraine were priceless and I always looked forward to it. Every time I spoke with Lorraine it was like spending time with my older sister. She was very calming.
Homelessness Prevention Service

The extra mile

"You lot really look after us - you are the definition of going the extra mile."
Garnet House

Life is changing

"Thanks for all your support. I'm making progress and my life is changing for the better. I am encouraging others now to engage with Housing Matters to get support."
FS Housing Matters

Hopeful for the future

"I know sometime I have missed visits and not been easy but your support has really helped me and thanks to this I feel less stressed and more hopeful for the future."
FS Housing Matters

A stronger person

"You have all helped me to be able to stand on my own two feet again and not fear every little noise. When I first moved in I was a wreck. Now I am a stronger person and that's all down to Bridge Street."
Bridge Street

Lunch and laughter

"Amy and I had been out for lunch on her extra support hours. We also fitted in a bit of shopping for bits for her flat. We had been laughing over Halloween outfits and then we tried on these head band boppers. Amy started to laugh at me as they made me look daft. She told me she was glad I was her support worker as I make her laugh, and she likes spending time with me. When we got back to the project she thanked me for a lovely afternoon, and said that she had a great time."
Moving Forward - Mansfield

Brighter days

"Thank you for all you have done for our Dad since you have taken over as scheme manager. He has looked forward to your daily visits, which have often helped to brighten his day. You have resolved any issues there may have been regarding his flat and his wellbeing with efficiency, helpfulness and consideration. It has been much appreciated."
Lilac Court

Happy and supported

"Thanks for all your help; the staff here have always spoken to me with respect and are always very polite, - you're all very nice. I can see my sister is happy here and supported."
Blyth Street

Feeling at ease

Today Tom said that he feels very well due to the staff and how they support him. He went on to say he is at ease speaking to staff at Watson Road, and feels that having good people around him has improved his mental wellbeing greatly. He says staff have encouraged him to become 'a better version of himself'."
Watson Road

Staff have been fantastic

"Ken said that staff have been fantastic throughout the pandemic and supported all tenants with their needs, and that they could not have done any more for tenants. Ken stated he has felt safe throughout this time and this is down to how staff have delivered support."
Watson Road