Customer panels

It's important that our customers are at the heart of what we do.

We're developing our customer involvement structure and creating new panels to support the work of our Customer Committee

Within these groups, you can join other customers in four to eight meetings a year to discuss key topics that relate to our work. You’ll then work together to submit plans for improvements and keep an eye on agreed changes.

Scrutiny Panel

This panel will act as NCHA’s critical friend, investigating what’s happening with services and suggesting improvements. It will have one Panel Chair and six members. 

Homes and Neighbourhood Panel

This panel will look at your experience of our services, providing a place for customers to be heard. It will have one Panel Chair and 10 members.

Contact us if you’re interested in getting involved. We can cover expenses and give you the training needed to develop in your role.

Natalie Robinson

Hi I’m Natalie Robinson and I’m the Chair for the Scrutiny Panel. I’m also a shared owner in one of NCHA’s properties and a solicitor in my day job.

I wanted to get involved, because I’m an NCHA customer myself. I want to do a deeper dive into what NCHA does and look at what services they provide to their customers.

Natalie Robinson
Chair of Scrutiny Panel
Martin Clements

I have been a shared ownership tenant for seven years. I have a background in financial services, working for many years as a mortgage broker. This encompasses many services to protect the client such as life insurance, will writing, power of attorney and trusts.  

My initial contact with NCHA was very positive, everyone I was in contact with was knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic. 

I thought I ought to do something and get involved to help communicate things to customers. This will enable residents to feel included and NCHA to offer services they are proud of.

Martin Clements
Chair of Homes and Neighbourhood Panel