Customer panels

It's important that our customers are at the heart of what we do.

We've developed our customer involvement structure with three panels to support the work of our Customer Committee

Within these groups, you can join other customers in four to eight meetings a year to discuss key topics that relate to our work. You’ll then work together to submit plans for improvements and keep an eye on agreed changes.

We're currently looking for more customers to join our Homes and Neighbourhood Panel and Scrutiny Panel. If you’d like to find out more or register your interest, please contact us by emailing and we’ll get in touch.

Care and Support Customer Voice

Customer Voice helps us to listen to the voice of our care and support customers. We'll use it to ensure they're involved in decision making and their opinions are heard. It currently has one Panel Chair and two members. 

Homes and Neighbourhood Panel

This panel looks at your experience of our services, providing a place for customers to be heard. It has one Panel Chair and up to 10 members.

Scrutiny Panel

This panel acts as NCHA’s critical friend, investigating what’s happening with services and suggesting improvements. It has one Panel Chair and up to six members. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about how NCHA operates and making contributions that can help lots of other customers, why not get involved? You’ll learn new skills, meet new people and get paid too.

Simon Leyden

I was fortunate to move into a brand new NCHA home, some time ago. Most of my working life has been spent in further education, teaching and providing learning support. I’m keen to branch out and I’m especially interested in housing issues.

I hope the Homes and Neighbourhood Panel can play a pivotal role in improving the experiences of customers, both in their homes and communities. Panel members bring their own skills and particular areas of interest. We also have the benefit of closer connections with other NCHA customers.

Simon Leyden
Chair of Homes and Neighbourhood Panel