Scrutiny Panel

This panel acts as NCHA’s critical friend, investigating what’s happening with services and suggesting improvements. They focus on specific issues and dig deeper to find out more. Last year they looked into complaints at NCHA, and so far this year they’ve been investigating how NCHA deals with damp and mould cases.

Chair of the Scrutiny Panel Steven Malcherczyk: “Scrutiny Panel can really make a difference. Last year we recommended a centralised complaints team for NCHA and this year we’ve seen that created. We’re looking for more customers who can join us to investigate issues and make recommendations for improvements.”

Complete our damp and mould survey

Scrutiny Panel’s current review is looking into how NCHA deals with damp and mould issues. There’s been a lot in the news about this in recent months and Scrutiny Panel want to ensure that NCHA deals with reports in the best way for customers. 

We’ve spoken with NCHA colleagues and looked at our policies and procedures, but the most important part of the review is to speak with customers to hear your experiences, both good and bad. That way we can get a feel of how NCHA’s approach is working and how it can be improved.

Scrutiny Panel will look at the survey responses to find trends and recurring issues, from which we can make recommendations on improving the service to our customers. Your responses are anonymous and will be used in the final report as customer feedback. 

We have a short deadline for completing the surveys, so if you’d like to contribute please complete the survey by 30 April. Many thanks for your assistance.

Please complete our survey on damp and mould to share your views.