Our performance

We monitor NCHA’s services and ask our customers to tell us how satisfied they are with us.

We also share ideas and best practice with other housing associations and learn from their experiences.

How are we doing?

We believe it is important our customers and stakeholders know how we are performing. The table below sets out our recent performance on complaints. 

Complaints Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Number of complaints we received 190 289 275 238 286
Subject of complaints:          
+ Colleague conduct 18 15 24 13 35
+ Service delivery 165 268 224 213 244
+ Policy 5 4 18 10 5
+ Other 2 2 9 2 2
Average number of days to close a complaint 14.1 10.6 9.1 11.4 10.6
Customer satisfaction with how complaints were handled 94% 93% 76% 85% 88%

Learning lessons

We study the feedback we get from customers and use it to make improvements to our services. Past improvements we made included:

  • Reminding our colleagues to be considerate when it comes to noise - especially when there is a change of shift early in the morning. We started to send out regular reminder emails to reinforce this.
  • Supporting our residents to dispose of their rubbish correctly. Concerns were raised about messy bin stores and fly tipping, so we've sent letters, held meetings, and organised a regular communal clean up.
  • Making sure we communicate with individual customers in a way that best suits their needs. We've done this by giving our colleagues extra training to remind them of the options available and when to use them.

We’re reviewing the way we gather customer feedback to ensure we’re listening to the voice of our customers. Colleagues from across NCHA are working together to improve the insight we receive from customer feedback. 

Our performance report

We’re committed to working with the Housing Ombudsman to improve our performance. The performance report from the Housing Ombudsman details decisions made about our organisation. We use this to review where things may have gone wrong and how we can improve our services in the future.

Martin Ebner

We’re constantly reviewing the way we manage complaints. Whilst there has been a slight improvement in performance from 21/22 to 22/23, specifically in terms of determinations and orders made, we recognise the value this type of insight can offer us to continue to improve our services. This report is one of many sources of insight, allowing us to listen to the voice of our customers.

Martin Ebner, Head of Customer Experience