Kitchens and bathrooms

We will maintain your bathroom and kitchen and carry out any necessary repairs. You may be charged for some repairs if they are deemed to have been necessary as a result of damaged caused by you. For example, damage to kitchen units and worktops caused by misuse or neglect;  burns and damage to worktops; water damage to kitchen units and flooring caused by leaks which have not been reported to us.

In rooms with a lot of moist air condensation can develop. This happens more often in kitchens and bathrooms due to showering, cooking and other household activities. Damp and mould can be caused by condensation. To keep your home in good shape read our advice on preventing damp and mould.

New kitchens and bathrooms

Bathrooms and kitchens are replaced on a cyclical programme. Kitchens are flagged for replacement every 30 years and bathrooms every 40 years. This is a general guideline, and applies if no specific problems have been identified.

Our technical inspectors do a survey of your home at least every five years. This is to assess whether a kitchen or bathroom replacement is needed. We'll get in touch with you, if we need to discuss any plans for future work. 

Read our guides below for useful information if you've got a replacement booked. 

Cookers, ovens and hobs

The responsibility for the repair and replacement of built-in ovens and hobs differs depending on the type of tenancy you have - it will be detailed in your tenancy agreement and sign-up paperwork.

We're responsible for maintaining the gas and/or electricity supply to your cooker, but we will not connect it to the supply. If you require a cooker to be connected, you'll need to employ a qualified gas engineer or electrician to do this for you. We're only required to provide one type of connection for your cooker - either gas or electricity. It may be possible for you to have the supply changed from one to the other, but again, you'd need to employ a qualified gas engineer or electrician to carry out this work.