Mental health

We provide a range of services for people with mental health needs. This ranges from telephone helplines and support in your own home to supported housing and residential care homes. View our care homes and services to see what's available in your area.

We work well with partners, including the NHS, social services and other agencies, to deliver the best possible level of care.

Telephone helplines for mental health 

We run local telephone helplines to support people with their mental health. Because they tend to be paid for by local councils, they are only available to people who live in that area. Visit the NHS website for information on national mental health helplines

Accessing mental health support

If mental health issues are affecting your life, you'll usually be referred to us through your GP or someone else in the NHS. Speak to your GP or social worker, if you have one, and ask them what support is available to you. Types of support include: 

  • Mental health support in your own home
    This is sometimes called floating support. It means that you continue to live in your own home, but have a support worker you can talk to who will help you to live independently.
  • Supported housing for people with mental health needs
    Supported housing usually means that you have your own flat within a complex where there are staff on site. The staff might not be there round the clock. 
  • Care homes for people with mental health needs
    A care home usually means residents have their own bedrooms, but share spaces like dining areas and living rooms. There are usually members of staff on site at all times. 


We're using the latest tools and techniques to support people with their mental health - read more about this in our mental health promise.