Heating system surveys to support renewable energy

We’re working with heating and hot water contractor Aaron Services to ensure the sustainable energy systems in our customers’ homes are working as best they can.

In the coming weeks, a team member from Aaron Services will be reaching out to customers whose homes have ‘renewable’ technologies (such as solar panels) to check everything is working the way it should.

In support of our Environmental Sustainability Strategy, the aim is to identify any issues that need fixing so we can get in and service these features before the colder winter months set in. This will also help to maximise energy and cost saving in homes.

Engineers have already begun visiting customers across the region and identifying what needs doing.

Please note our in-house Electrical team is also completing servicing on some of the systems, so customers may receive letters in the coming weeks to arrange for those services to take place.

Here is a list of home features we’ll be servicing and who will be responsible for doing the work.

System type Servicing - who's responsible Repairs - who's responsible 
Air source heat pumps (heating systems which take heat from the air to heat homes) NCHA’s in-house team Aaron Services
Ground source heat pumps (heating systems which take heat from the ground to heat homes) NCHA’s in-house team Aaron Services
Solar thermal panels (absorb the sunlight to heat water) Aaron Services Aaron Services
Solar panels (covert sunlight into electricity) Aaron Services Aaron Services
Heat recovery systems NCHA’s in-house team NCHA’s in-house team

We want our customers’ homes to be affordably warm on a long-term basis. Making sure your heating systems and renewable features are working correctly is a big part of achieving this.

We’re therefore grateful for you working with us so we can ensure things are up to scratch.

What’s next

A member of Aaron Services’ team will be in touch directly with customers whose homes have renewable features, so you don’t need to do anything.

If you do receive a call or a visit, please work with them so we can ensure your home is in the best shape it can be ahead of winter.

The team from Aaron Services will have an ID badge and a letter of authority from NCHA. They are not concerned with how tidy or clean your home is, so please don’t worry about that.

Thank you for your cooperation.