Bin wet wipes – don’t flush them!

We’re having an issue in some of our homes with drains blocking due to wipes being put down the toilet.

Please don’t put wipes, nappies or sanitary products (etc.) down the toilet and instead use the appropriate bins for these items. Even wipes that advertise themselves as flushable can still cause problems.

These products can block toilet pipes, which can lead to the system not working properly. This may cause issues such as bad smells, the toilet not flushing or waste coming back up your toilet or sink.

If you have a blocked toilet and live in an NCHA home, please report this to our Customer Experience team.

Please note that all customers are responsible for fixing blocked sinks, baths and hand basins. Before you report a repair, please check to see which things are classed as your responsibility.

For more guidance, please visit the Severn Trent Water website.