Disputes with neighbours

It's an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes we don't see eye to eye with our neighbours. In most cases, these situations can be resolved by talking to them.

If you're being affected by the behaviour of your neighbours, we will always ask you to try to resolve the issue yourself in the first instance. If that isn't possible, contact us and speak to an anti-social behaviour investigator. They will ask for information from you to help understand what's happening and when - so please keep a record of anything that's concerning you. This could include dates of when an incident happens, or photos of rubbish that has been fly-tipped, for example. Our service standards explain what you can expect from us. 

Resolving issues

  • To help resolve an issue with your neighbours, try talking to them. Both sides may have to compromise - an anti-social behaviour investigator can get an independent mediation service to help with this. 
  • Keep a record of things: include the dates and times of when you've been affected, and photographs if that's appropriate. 
  • If the issue relates to noise or littering, contact your local council - their environmental health team will be able to offer advice and help. 
  • If children are causing a nuisance, talk to their parents - they may not be aware of the problem. 

If you witness behaviour which is criminal, you must report it to the police. Please then also contact us and let us know what's going on so that we can take any action needed.