Fire safety at Trivett Square Block D

Trivett Square in Nottingham is a high-rise building, and is required to comply to with the Building Safety Act 2022. This means that fire and building safety management are managed with the support and involvement of all residents.

We hold a monthly fire safety surgery at Trivett Square, giving residents an opportunity to discuss any concerns. It takes place in the morning on the 16th of each month - please contact us to request that we come and talk to you.

If you have any concerns or questions about how fire safety is managed at Trivett Square, please contact NCHA. If work relating to fire and building safety is planned, residents will be notified and given the opportunity to contribute to any decisions that need to be made.

You can download key fire safety documents below:

  • The annual fire risk assessment for Trivett Square. Every year the communal spaces at Trivett Square are inspected to ensure that fire safety is being properly managed. The inspection is carried out by Fire Compliance Management Services. They report any concerns to NCHA so that we can take action as needed.
  • The EWS1 Certificate for Trivett Square. An EWS1 certificate shows that external walls have been assessed to identify any potentially hazardous material or cladding. Trivett Square has an A1 rating, which means that there are no hazardous materials or cladding present.

Fire safety documents for Trivett Square Block D

  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment Common Areas Trivett Square Block D

    Type: pdf Size: 556kb
  • Ews1 Certificate Trivett Square Block D

    Type: pdf Size: 390kb