New boilers

We know that having any kind of work done in your home can be stressful. Sometimes it’s easier if you know what to expect – this guide explains what will happen when your boiler is replaced.

What to expect

It will take us between one and three days to replace your boiler, depending on what’s being done. If we’re swapping out an old boiler and replacing it with a newer but similar one, we should be in and out within a day. If it’s more complicated – perhaps because the existing system is old, or if you're having a different type of boiler, then we could be there for up to three days.

Our gas engineers will cover your carpets and surfaces in the area where they'll be working. They will leave your home in a clean and tidy condition at the end of each working day. They will work safely and efficiently, and their work will meet all applicable gas safety legislation.

If you need any radiators replacing, it’s possible they may be smaller than the old ones. This is because modern radiators are more efficient, and so don’t need to be as large. This could mean that some pipework has to be moved, and there may be small holes in your carpet where the old pipes were. We’ll make sure any new pipework is in discreet locations, but we won’t box in any exposed pipes. You’ll be responsible for any redecorating that needs doing afterwards.

The benefits of a new boiler

Once your new boiler is in place, you’ll soon see the benefits:

  • New boilers are more reliable and often more quiet.
  • The new boiler will be more energy-efficient, which could reduce your heating bills. If you’ve moved from an old-style non-condensing boiler to a modern one, you could save £200-£300 a year.
  • Any new radiators will have individual thermostats on them, which means you’ll be better able to control the temperature in your home.