Local connection helps sisters in Walesby

Shared ownership is an affordable way to buy a home of your own. NCHA's customers have written about their experiences in a series of case studies, to explain what shared ownership has done for them.Marie was a homeowner and a business owner for many years until her health started to deteriorate. She’s struggled since being diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatic, which has led to her closing her business and selling her three bedroom house.

Her husband Mark works away during the week as a long distance lorry driver. That’s why it was important that Marie found an easy maintenance bungalow in an area close to her sister Pearl who is her carer.

Fortunately, we were building shared ownership bungalows next to our previous development on Haughton Way in Walesby where Pearl bought a bungalow in 2016. Marie and Mark came to our Information Event at Walesby Village Hall with lots of questions about the shared ownership scheme and her local connection.

“I needed a single storey home and one that was easy to maintain as I struggle with my health. Bungalows are renowned for being expensive so it was great to find an affordable one on the development next to Pearl. I already knew NCHA as I found my sister’s house for her, so I knew I was in good hands.

“We passed the local connection and application process. So we sold our house in August and we have been living with Pearl, while we wait for the bungalow to be completed.

“Money has been a struggle since closing my business. The money from our house sale was used to pay off debts we had accumulated and we put a healthy £20,000 down as a deposit. Buying a new build means it will be easy to maintain and manage and as these homes are energy-efficient we are confident it’s going to be more economical than our old 1930’s house.

“Shared ownership is such a great scheme and it has enabled us to afford a bungalow on my sister’s doorstep. It was all explained to me in such simple terms and I am really grateful that these homes were being built when I needed them.”

“I am looking forward to living on one level and not having to navigate stairs. It was important to us that we secure our future in a home that I feel safe in. My mental health has suffered and I feel that this is giving us a fresh start. I would like to thank NCHA as the bungalow will make our lives better practically, financially and emotionally.

If the story above has inspired you to take the next step toward buying a home of your own, search for shared ownership properties to see what's available in your area. You can also read about buying a shared ownership home.