Many of us feel lonely at times. Feelings of loneliness are personal, so everyone will experience it differently and it can have a different impact depending on your situation.

To learn how to manage it, take a look at the Mind guide to loneliness

You might find it useful to look for ways to meet new people – clubs and groups are often advertised in local free papers, or on noticeboards in places like pubs and churches. If getting out and about is a problem, you could consider a befriending service. They will help set you up with a volunteer who can keep in touch with you and offer a supportive friendship. 

If you need some support with your mental health, try Togetherall. NCHA has partnered with Togetherall to give customers (aged 16 and over) access to a safe online space where people can ask questions and support each other with mental health concerns.

Some councils have schemes to provide local support services.