Children’s online safety

If you have children, it can feel difficult to keep them safe online. The Internet Matters website is a good place to start. It contains videos that will help you to safely set up devices, and advice on how to spot the signs that your child might be being bullied online. There are also short courses and information to support you and your family with online safety. 

The Childnet website is also useful, and will help you to understand how the internet can affect the mental health of both adults and children. There are family activities that you can take part in together. 

If you’ve got teenagers, you’ll find the information on the Barnardos website useful. It shares advice on how to talk to your teenager about online safety, inappropriate content, and protecting their privacy.

Barclays Digital Wings is a free online platform for NCHA customers. You can use it to access everything from debt management support to life skills courses and financial wellbeing workshops.