‘The right support for me’

This Learning Disability Week (19-25 June), we caught up with our customer Chad about his experience of living at Southwell Road East in Rainworth, Nottinghamshire.

Southwell Road East is a care home for adults from 18 to 65 with learning disabilities and mental health needs.

Chad said: “I want to share my story with everyone, because people need to hear the voices of people like me.

“I am 29 and I’ve been living in supported placements since I left home. I’ve been with NCHA for four years now. It’s the longest placement I’ve ever stayed at, and that’s because I’m happy here.

“Before I moved to Southwell Road East, I was really struggling with my mental health. I didn’t have the support I needed and couldn’t do anything for myself. I just used to lie in bed all day. When Emma from NCHA came to interview me, to see if I would be suitable to move in, I said: ‘Please. I need somewhere. I’m desperate.’

“When I first arrived, the support workers made sure they got to know me. I had to have lots of hours of support round the clock, and I think it was a bit scary for them at first because they didn’t know what my behaviour triggers were. But we all know each other much better now, and I feel much better. I have less support time now and I get some time to be allowed on my own too, which I like.

“There’s seven of us who live here, and over forty support workers look after us. I like to get involved with recruitment and how the service is run. I sit on the interview panels and make sure that people with the right attitude are coming to look after us! We have a great, outstanding team. They all deserve an award.

“Southwell Road East is a care home, so they have taught me how to do things myself. They have taught me how to cook, how to do my laundry. We go on walks and day trips. I’ve got my own flat with a kitchen and bathroom, and my own garden. I like to have a structured routine every day. I like things to be the same, and the support workers help me with that. They are all really friendly; they know me and they listen to what I need.

“I like to do lots of things in the community. I am fundraising right now for the gardens. We want to create a memory garden for people that we have lost. I want to have a ‘mellow’ garden with rose bushes, scrubs and fruit trees to remember my Grandad. I like to help out at the local disco too. It’s a fantastic night and everyone enjoys it.

“I am lots happier now I’m at Southwell Road East. I get the most support I’ve ever received, and it’s the right support for me. Now, I get to get on with my future, with the support that I need. I never want to move.”

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