Naming the roads and buildings at Clifton

Bricks and structures are being transformed into homes and workplaces at a pace on Farnborough Road. For the last few months we’ve been working with Nottingham City Council and parish and ward councillors to name the roads and buildings that are emerging.

The chosen names are themed around the local area with the exception of the supported living flats, which have been named in memory of our founder.

There are three main roads running around and through the development, which are;

  • Charnwood Way
  • Fairham Brook Drive
  • Silverdale Lane

Charnwood is a link to the community centre that used to be on the site years ago, and Fairham Brook and Silverdale both relate to the little brook that runs across the bottom of the development.

Along with naming the streets, we needed to christen the three new buildings; our workplace, the Independent Living for Older People apartments (ILOP) and the supported housing scheme.

For our workplace, we’ve been talking about moving to Clifton for so long, it felt fitting to call it Clifton Place.

When completed, the ILOP will be a huge presence on Farnborough Road and a focal point for the community. To recognise this, it will be called Farnborough Court.

Finally, the third building is our purpose-built supported housing scheme, and we wanted to use this as an opportunity to remember and pay tribute to our founder, Andrew Malone. As a result, this scheme will be called Malone Terrace.

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