Marlene's journey to a fulfilling life at Spire View

Marlene's previous living situation in a private rented flat had become detrimental to her health. Poor lighting and mould issues aggravated her respiratory problems, forcing her to seek medical attention. After a stay in the hospital, she was denied permission to return home due to the unsafe conditions.

In search of a more suitable living arrangement, Marlene's daughter discovered Spire View, an Independent Living for Older People (ILOP) scheme. Immediately drawn to the scheme, Marlene selected an upstairs flat to ensure ample natural light and ventilation. The application process was quick and easy, and Marlene's flat was ready for her within a short timeframe.

At Spire View, Marlene found peace of mind with the 24/7 alert call system. She appreciates the reassurance that someone is always available to assist her. Since losing her husband in 2016, Marlene has found companionship at Spire View. Her neighbours have become close friends, and they regularly assist each other with errands and lend items to one another.

Marlene actively participates in community activities, recently winning the Grand National sweepstake. Daily afternoon coffee gatherings in the communal lounge provide opportunities for socialising and connection. As an avid baker, Marlene enjoys sharing her culinary creations with her neighbours, often during Bingo sessions.

'I love it here,' Marlene expresses. 'I feel safe surrounded by friends in a vibrant community. If I ever need anything, I know I can always count on someone to help me. I'm truly happy here.'

Spire View has not only provided Marlene with a safe and comfortable living environment but has also given her a sense of belonging. The scheme's supportive and caring atmosphere has enabled her to thrive and live a vibrant life despite the challenges she has faced.

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