Tell us what extra help you need

Make sure we know what assistance you need

We want to give you the help you need when you contact us. If you have a particular need - such as large print documents, or help with phone calls due to a hearing impairment - you can tell us about it on your My NCHA account.

Once we know what your needs are, we'll make sure we tailor our services to support you.

How to tell us about what you need from us

  • Log in to your My NCHA account
  • Click on ‘My Tenancy'
  • Go to ‘edit your tenancy' and click 'edit details', where you can tell us what you need.
  • Click 'submit' to save your changes.

You can tell us about anything you think we should know - for example if you are hard of hearing, have a visual impairment, or if English is not your first language. And if your needs change, you can login at any time to update them.