Staying safe this winter

We’ve put together some tips to keep you safe over the festive season.

Christmas tree and decorations

  • Do not overload plug sockets.
  • Make sure any lights are switched off when you’re out of your home.
  • If you're buying fairy lights make sure they have the British Standard sign. It’s best to check that they have ‘CE’ symbol.
  • Check that wires for your decorations are out of the way, so people can’t trip over them.
  • If you have a real Christmas tree make sure you water it. A dry Christmas tree can catch fire really easily.
  • Follow electrical safety advice when you putting up Christmas lights.

Keeping warm in cold weather

The website has lots of advice on keeping warm and well during winter.

We’ve also got advice on saving energy so you can heat your home more affordably.

Please do not use homemade heating devices that you may be advertised on social media.

If you use hot water bottles, make sure you follow the safety guidelines. Hot water bottles only last for roughly two years.