My experience of customer involvement

Our Customer Committee gives you a chance to work with us to improve services.

Lesley joined the committee in August 2020 because she’s always had an interest in housing. As someone who works with vulnerable families she regularly works with social housing providers. But Lesley wanted to take a closer look at how things works inside a housing association.

Lesley told us about her experience: “My children are at the age where they want to buy a house. They’re private renting now and it’s so expensive. That’s why I became more interested in housing. Joining the committee was my way of learning more about the housing sector. As a customer we’ve gotten involved in everything. We look at NCHA’s policies, performance and their plans for the future.”

Support to have your say

When customers join the committee we walk them through how it works. From tech support to knowledge on the housing sector we help them to make an impact.

“Raj, the independent Chair, has been excellent, he’s really helped us to get settled. He’s been there to support us in meetings and give us an understanding of the housing sector. To be honest all NCHA colleagues have been helpful.”

“If any customer wants to get involved, I’d recommended that they go for it. It’s really good experience for work and to develop critical thinking skills – I’ve learnt a lot.”

Interested in becoming a committee member? We're looking for a new customer to join the Customer Committee. Read about the different ways you can get involved