Multi-skilled Plumber: Meet Matt Copestake

With our new in-house repairs service now in full swing, we’ve seen a notable increase in the amount of positive customer feedback about our responsive repairs team members.

It’s great to see our new team of planners are hitting the ground running.

One person who stands out in particular is our Multi-skilled Plumber, Matt Copestake.

Matt was an agency worker when he started with our new repairs service in April 2024. Self-employed and wanting more security, Matt decided to come on board with NCHA full-time.

Kaye Challinor, Repairs Mobilisation Project Manager, explained: “We made sure we included our agency contractors in our initial training week, so they got the same positive messaging and feeling of pride in our work as our NCHA colleagues.

“Matt has taken on our values and hopes for where we want the service to get to, and he is absolutely flying. I’ve got goose-bumps thinking about it! He’s such a model team member.

“The feedback is outstanding and customers are picking up the phone to praise him.”

One customer described Matt as “knowledgeable, thorough and respectful – he was a breath of fresh air”.

Matt said: “The best thing about working for NCHA is knowing the work we do helps people. Some of our customers are in extremely difficult situations, and it’s great if we can help to make their lives a little easier.

“Key moments for me are going into a person’s home to do a repair and seeing their face when you tell them it's all fixed – their relief and gratitude makes me feel proud. Even though we’re just doing our job, to our customer it's often like we've lifted a weight off their shoulders.”

We want to make sure we’re managing issues as effectively as possible for our customers who need repairs done to a high standard.

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