Changes to service charges and scheme managers

All customers who had an April rent change will have received a letter detailing exactly what their new charges are. For customers who pay a service charge, water charge or resident charge, these payments may also have changed.

The amount of the change will vary for each customer based on the services you receive and the anticipated cost of those services. Check your service charge on our website for details of what your service charge covers. Please see your letter for details on the cost.

You may have noticed a change to how we calculate your service change. This is because from June this year we’re changing how we deliver some of our services.

Introducing our Multi-site Services Officers

Our current ‘Scheme Managers’ will become Multi-site Services Officers, and will be providing a greater range of services to customers, including smaller repairs and maintenance jobs in communal areas.

To free up some of their time to do this, we have appointed a new cleaning contractor, Clean Green, who will carry out the cleaning in communal areas in our homes across the region.

We involved customers in the procurement of our new cleaning contractor, and we’re working closely with them to ensure that customer expectations of the service are clear.

We’re confident that this change will provide a better service to our customers.

If you pay a service charge look out for your Multi-site Services Officer in your area. They’ll always be happy to say hello, have a chat about your needs and help where they can.