A new start in an old community

When people are trying to find a new home we want to do all we can to help.

Stacey, our Allocations Coordinator, helped Jenny to get a home in one of our almshouses. After experiencing domestic abuse for some time Jenny really needed a new start. But she couldn’t afford to move.

“We really wanted to help her, but we never want to put people in a position where they can’t afford a home”, Stacey said.

“When her workplace heard about the situation they got involved. They offered her a full-time role, which gave her more money and made the property affordable for her.”

“When I saw how much they were willing to do for her it was inspiring. I knew I had to try to make it work.”

Jenny had a restraining order against her partner so it was important to move quickly. Stacey quickly visited the new home with Jenny and she immediately “fit into the community”. It was nice for Stacey to see other customers talking about gardening and the other things they get up to.

She explained how it’s not just a job for her. “Sometimes I’ll be sitting at my desk”, Stacey said “and I wonder how new customers are getting on. I like to see how people are doing to make sure they’re ok. I just treat people how I’d want to be treated.”

Here’s what Jenny said about Stacey: "I explained my personal circumstances to the lady on the phone and in person. Stacey was understanding and very helpful she went through my incomings and outgoings and explained everything very well. My experience with this company has been a very positive experience and I hope to experience the same professional experience in the future."

It’s no wonder Stacey's becoming one of our wellbeing champions. With her caring nature she’s joined a team of trained Mental Health First Aiders who support colleagues across NCHA.