Our Whole Life Disability promise

Organised by Mencap, the theme of this year’s Learning Disability Week is ‘myth busting’.

We want to show the world the incredible things that people with a learning disability achieve, smashing misconceptions about what people can do and shining a light on the stigma many still face every day.

People with learning disabilities are twice as likely to experience low self-esteem and self-confidence, social exclusion, and bullying that others don’t face, leading to mental health issues.

We know that being diagnosed with a learning disability does not mean a person has an inability to learn and develop. It means they need extra support and specialised care to overcome the challenges they face in a particular subject area and learn in their unique way.

How does this impact our work at NCHA?

NCHA is committed to prioritising equality, diversity and inclusion to help create a better life for people with a range of disabilities. We deliver homes and services that support people to live well in relation to their specific needs around their disability.

Our Whole Life Disability promise

That is why we’ve published our Whole Life Disability promise [PDF] to outline the ways in which we support people with disabilities in NCHA homes. It is important to us that people experience choice, control, empowerment and equality in their interactions with NCHA.

Our plan covers everything from arranging specialist home adaptations and fire safety to a clear customer involvement strategy as we are committed to championing positive inclusion for people with disabilities.

This promise also addresses the ways in which we support the wellbeing of colleagues who work with people with disabilities to help ensure we’re nurturing a positive environment for everyone in our NCHA communities to lead productive and fulfilled lives.