Transforming care, transforming lives

In 2011 the Transforming Care programme was set up by the government in response to the Winterbourne View inquiry.

Its purpose was to support and improve the lives of people with complex needs leaving hospitals or long stay care homes, and we were quick to step into action.

Southwell Road East, an existing NCHA building, was repurposed and opened as a pilot, achieving incredible outcomes for its residents.

We provide long-term, sustainable, community-based transforming care services for adults with:

  • Complex learning disabilities
  • Autistic spectrum disorder
  • Associated health conditions
  • Behaviours of concern.

Lizzie, one of customers, shares how the service has changed her life:

“I live at Southwell Road East, a home with support for people with mental health problems and learning difficulties. I’ve been in the care system for 22 years, and the seven years that I have lived here have been the happiest of my life by far.

"I tried living in a flat on my own, but I wasn’t getting enough support and only lasted there for two weeks. I got really poorly, really quickly.

"Moving to Southwell Road East has changed everything in my life. I live in a bungalow with really good friends. I’ve also got great relationships with the support workers, including my key worker Pat."

We're lucky to be able to provide support that really does transform lives. Find out more about the support we offer at Southwell Road East

Lizzie Giving A Thumbs Up

It's hard to say where I'd be if it wasn't for Southwell Road East and the team here.

Care and support resident