Regenerating inner cities

Ben Mayo Court’s longest resident, Ossie, has lived in Radford, Nottingham since he emigrated from Jamaica in the 1950s. He moved into his home just after it was built in 1992.

In the late 1980s, Radford, near Nottingham City Centre, was dominated by a large, unpopular development of flats that were no longer fit for purpose.

Working with the local authority, we joined forces with two other housing associations to regenerate the area, building hundreds of new homes. Ben Mayo Court, an independent living for older people scheme, was born as a result.

"I’ve lived in Ben Mayo Court for over thirty years now; I moved here the year after it was built in 1992. After my wife and I separated, I needed a place to live that suited my age and lifestyle, but still gave me the freedom to live my life. I got to decorate my flat to make it my own – I got new carpets, curtains and decorated everything so it felt like mine.

"The warden is always here if we need them, but for the most part I just get on with my life. A lot of us are pensioners, but we’ve got a lot of independence. I do my own shopping, cook for myself, attend the tenant meetings, look after the plants in the garden, watch football, feed the birds, walk into town. I like keeping myself busy."

Our commitment to regenerating Radford didn’t end there. In 2015, work began to replace disused industrial and commercial buildings with 91 homes designed by Pelham. This development now provides affordable rent homes and supported housing.

Ossie Smiling

There’s good and bad everywhere you go, but I like living in this area. This is my home.

Ben Mayo Court resident