Our year in review: 2020-2021

Download a copy of our annual report to customers [PDF] 

"Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020/2021 was a challenging year here at NCHA. Our teams had to adapt very quickly to new and safe ways of working so that we could continue to deliver our services and support our customers, and we’re really proud of how we responded.

"You’ll see from this report that despite all of the challenges the pandemic presented, we continued to successfully build, let, sell, maintain and manage thousands of homes across the region. Our Care and Support services have proved to be more important than ever, and we delivered them to the same high standards that our customers have come to expect.

"We remain as committed as ever to including you, our customers, in decisions which shape the future of our organisation. Our new Customer Committee has already started to make an impact on how we do this, and over the coming months we’re excited to see how our three Customer Panels support their work.

"You’ll see throughout this report that there are some exciting times ahead at NCHA. Approaching our 50th birthday in 2023, our change programme Fit for 50 will make sure that our homes and services are ready to take on another half century, and we’re working on some big projects which will help to improve the way we do things. You’ll also read some truly inspiring stories from our customers and colleagues. Thank you to those people for taking part, and for sharing your experience of how NCHA has provided you with more homes, great services and better lives."

Paul Moat, NCHA Chief Executive

About this report

Throughout this report you’ll see satisfaction scores from our customers. Unless we state otherwise, these have been collected from results of the Housemark 2020 STAR survey, a nationally recognised tool used to compare customer satisfaction between housing associations.