Selling your shared ownership home

You are able to sell your home whether you own a share or own the property outright. You can sell your share at any time after you have purchased it. This process is known as 'assignment'. It is important to write to us before you sell the property, as in some cases we will be able to put forward a buyer, and this could save you money in estate agent fees.

If you own a share of your property you may be able to buy the remaining share and sell the whole property at the same time - talk to us for advice. 

You will have to get your property valued, and if you plan to employ an estate agent you will be able to choose which one to use. You will need to appoint a solicitor to act for you.

When you have found a buyer you must again write to us, giving details of the proposed sale and the person you wish to sell to. The purchaser will have to complete a simple application form if you are selling your 50% share to them.

We will write to you to say whether you have permission to sell. You will have to pay our legal fees for arranging the sale. We can tell you the amount of the fees before you sell.

Contact us to find out more about selling your shared ownership home or speak to your home ownership advisor.