Doing your part 

It’s important to us to provide ways in which our customers can reduce their impact on the environment. Below we’ve included things we can all think about doing to be more environmentally friendly.

Top tips

Want to know how to reduce your carbon footprint? Take a look at some top tips:

  • Drive less or consider more environmentally friendly methods of transport – this helps to create cleaner air, reduce carbon emissions, and could save you money.
  • Try to reduce your meat or dairy intake. Modern methods of industrial farming can cause huge amounts of environmental damage. One meat free day a week could make all the difference.
  • Reduce your plastic use – this will really help to stop the pollution in our oceans.
  • Switch and save! Changing to a renewable energy provider could save you money and help the planet. Visit the Money Saving Expert or the Switch It website for information on green energy.

Take a look at the Greenpeace and Wired websites for more information on the steps you can take.