A smart career at NCHA

Next year Sarah will celebrate 20 years of working at NCHA.

She’s worked in the Customer Wellbeing (formerly SMaRT) service since the beginning helping customers across the country.

They provide:

  • Support to elderly people through assistive technology
  • Ways for people to stay independent at home through medication reminders, falls detectors and wellbeing checks
  • Mental health helplines for people in West Yorkshire.

Sarah shares her career journey and what keeps her motivated every day:

“When I left school I was going to do my nurse training. But my Nan got poorly, so I moved in with her and took on a carer’s role. From there I went on to do a different care role, then bar work, but that wasn’t fulfilling enough for me.

“I applied for a role at Highbury Hospital, because I wanted to get back into care work. Then my sister recommended NCHA, so I applied to work for the Customer Wellbeing service.”

Since joining the service, Sarah’s gone from strength to strength, gaining a level 3, 4 and 5 qualification in management. “I always wanted to push myself”, Sarah says, she “always likes to learn more”.

“When I joined Customer Wellbeing, we used to do shift cover in other services. I spent a lot of time at Ashland Road West and in young person’s services.

“I remember a young girl who’d had a difficult background. At first she wouldn’t engage with anyone, but colleagues from our service built a great relationship with her. That ended up being a positive move-on story and she always said that she couldn’t have done it without us.

“As the service grew I applied for a team leader position and then went on to become the manager of the service. I’m lucky to have someone who’s more of a coach than a manager. That’s how I am with my team too. Because I know the job from the grassroots upwards I know what it’s like for them, so when I make decisions they’re always at the forefront of my mind.

“I love Customer Wellbeing because every day is different and every day is a challenge in a good way. I’ve always felt supported and safe working at NCHA. Not a lot of organisations offer the perks we get these days.”

“I think I’m just Customer Wellbeing through and through really - I’d like to retire here!”

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