Delivering care and support services

We supported the delivery of additional services to people from as early as 1975.

However, in 1993 we set up a Care and Support department. This focus allowed us to run our own services, as well as continuing to support other agencies.

Cathy O’Donnell, already an established colleague, was one of the first people to join the team. Now we deliver over a million hours of care and support services a year. 800 of our colleagues are dedicated to supporting vulnerable people in different communities.

We support:

  • Older people to remain independent
  • People living in residential care homes
  • People fleeing or living with domestic abuse
  • People at risk of or experiencing homelessness
  • People with mental health needs, learning difficulties and autism.
Cathy O Donell

My colleagues, the services we deliver and the people we support have really been the backdrop to my life.

Cathy O’Donnell
Business Development Manager