Almshouses are a form of social housing. They are typically funded by a charity, sometimes from a donation made by a family or religious group. Often there are rules that the people living in them must have worked in a particular field, or have been married to someone who did. 

NCHA manages almshouses all over the East Midlands, providing support to the charities that administer them. We provide housing management and maintenance work, usually through our Nottingham Community Almhouse Charity (NCAC). NCHA is also the trustee of Blyth Cottages Charity and the Warner Almshouse Charity, and is able to work with further almshouse charities to secure their long-term future. 

If you'd like to know more about our work in this area, please contact us or read our almshouse corporate plan. If you're interested in living in an almshouse, use our find a home tool to search for current vacancies. 

Our almshouses

Henry Brown Homes

Henry Brown Homes, Wollaton

One bedroom ground and first floor flats and two bedroom houses for people of retirement age in housing need.

Ada Mary Best Almshouses

Ada Mary Best, St Anns, Nottingham

One bedroom ground, first and second floor flats for people over 50. Applicants must live or have lived in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire.

Lambley Almshouses

Lambley Almshouse, Woodborough Road, Nottingham

One bedroom ground and first floor flats for people over 50. Applicants must live or have lived in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire.

Warner Almshouses

Warner Almshouse, Loughborough

One bedroom ground and first floor flats. Applicants must be residents in Loughborough or have previously worked in Loughborough. Priority is given to applicants who previously worked for Cartwright and Warners or TP Towle, or who worked in the hosiery trade in Loughborough. This scheme is for over 50’s only. 

Cahn Almshouses

Cahn Memorial Homes

Built in 1925, these six bungalows in Hucknall were originally built for local retired miners. Newly built the rent was only £4.50 per week with an additional charge of 57p for water and sewage. Privately financed by Sir Julien Cahn, 1st Baronet of Stanford on Soar (1882 – 1944), Cahn Memorial Homes were built in honour of his parents, Albert and Matilda Cahn.

Bircotes Bungalows

The Bungalows, Bircotes

Eight one-bedroom bungalows built specifically for the occupation of retired miners formerly employed at Harworth Colliery. Occupants must be over the age of 56 and have a Harworth Mine connection.