Windows and doors

We look after windows and doors in our properties, repairing and maintaining them to ensure your home is secure. 

Where repairs are necessary because of damage caused by you or someone in your home, you may be charged for the repair work. For example, if you lose your keys and need the locks changing (or if you/a locksmith causes any damage while trying to get in). If you are unlucky enough to be a victim of crime, make sure you ask the police for a crime number. 

New windows and doors

We expect to replace windows and doors every 30 to 40 years, unless problems have been identified that mean it needs doing sooner. 

Our technical inspectors do a survey of your home at least every five years. This is to assess when windows or doors are due to be replaced. We'll get in touch with you, if we need to discuss any plans for future work. 

Read our guide below for useful information if you've got a replacement booked.