Utility bills

We know that many people are struggling with the increased cost of living. We're doing what we can to support you and offer advice to help you reduce your bills.

Energy price cap 

Energy prices in the UK are affected by the energy price cap. At the moment, the average household can expect to pay £1,690 a year. 

The cap is based on the unit rate of energy and not a cap on the total amount you pay. Some households could pay more or less than the cap depending on their energy use.

The energy price cap is reviewed every three months.

Reducing your energy use

Take control of your energy use by:

  • Submitting regular meter readings, so you only pay for the energy you use. Getting a smart meter can help you to monitor your energy use.
  • Turning off unused appliances and bleeding your radiators to warm your home more efficiently.
  • Using energy-saving light bulbs and covering your pans when cooking.

Read the information in our energy saving guide [PDF] for more ways to save money.

The energy-saving advice in our guide will help you to heat your home more affordably. This will help you to cut costs and keep your home at the right temperature to prevent damp. If you need advice on reducing condensation in your home, read advice on damp and mould

Fuel Direct deductions from benefits

Energy suppliers must get consent before they request deductions to cover your energy use. This applies to deductions from a range of benefits. However, you can still request this if you can afford to. 

Support to pay your bills

If you’re struggling to pay your bills help is available. Citizens Advice detail the grants and benefits available to help you pay your energy bills on their website.

Some water companies have schemes to help people who are struggling to pay their water bill. Contact your supplier for information if you'd like some help:

We’re here to help

If you’re struggling to pay your rent please talk to us. Your money matters coordinator can refer you for specialist support.