Meet our green champion Helen Dunne

We’re pleased to introduce our newest Customer Committee member, Helen Dunne. Helen moved into her shared-ownership home in 2017 and has a passion for sustainability.

The Customer Committee are a key part of decision making at NCHA. They work as a sub-committee to the Board, and have a special interest in customer experience.

Helen tells us more about her new role, and how she’s using it to champion her environmental passions.

Helen said: “The Customer Committee gives its members the ability to take action and enact change. I see my role as a voice for the customer.

“Although I certainly can’t claim to represent all customers at NCHA, I can give a fresh view as someone who’s not from a housing background.

“I spent 27 years as a psychology teacher in Nottingham and seven years supporting adults with learning difficulties, so I hopefully have enough life experience and transferable skills to make a significant contribution.

 “I’ll attend four formal Customer Committee meetings annually to discuss various documents and policies. The committee’s insights help to keep customers at the heart of decision-making at NCHA.

“My street, May Hill, became the NCHA pilot site for the management of communal wildflower meadows. This project’s success has been a joy, and I am really optimistic it will inspire such initiatives across other NCHA sites.

“The value of wildflower meadows for customer wellbeing and biodiversity is substantial, but I also want to get people thinking about making a difference in their own gardens.

“It’s so important for ordinary people to come together to push towards a greener, more sustainable future. We should all stand up to be green champions – now more than ever our planet needs us.”

Learn more about our customer committee.