Customer Committee achievements 2022/23

The Customer Committee is a sub committee of the Board of Management at NCHA. Its purpose is to oversee the performance of NCHA specifically in relation to customer experience. The Customer Committee is made up of three customers, three Board members and is chaired by an Independent Chair, Raj Kumar, who is not a member of staff, customer or Board Member. Raj is an expert in resident involvement and works across a number of organisations including NCHA to support their governance and resident involvement work.

Full details of the Committee membership can be found here.

The Committee is part of the formal governance structure at NCHA and is a commitment to transparent performance management whilst putting our customers at the heart of the business.

Our achievements in 2022/23

The Committee met five times in 2022/23.  We made a number of important decisions including the approval of:

  • Customer Involvement Budget
  • Treating People Fairly Service Standard
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Policy
  • Allocations Policy
  • Annual Report to Customers

We also approved the Scrutiny Panel’s forward plan of deep dives into performance areas which matter most to customers. The Scrutiny panel is an expert panel of customers who have full access to NCHA’s performance data and colleagues in order for them to really scrutinise an area of work and provide recommendations for improvement.

In terms of performance management we also saw quarterly reports on key performance data telling us what was working well and what needed improvement in key areas such as complaints, responsive repairs and landlord health and safety.

We provided comments on key NCHA strategies, including the Value for Money and Environmental Sustainability strategies, as well as policies including the Complaints Policy and the Compensation Policy. We considered the results of the Survey of Tenants and Residents and Homeowners and the actions NCHA planned to take to improve areas where satisfaction was low, including satisfaction with service charges.

Finally, we received presentations from NCHA colleagues on key strategic risk areas for NCHA and its customers including fire safety, the financial operating environment and the affordability of rent for customers.  We offered our feedback on these areas for consideration by the main NCHA Board.

All in all a busy and productive year for the Customer Committee.