Our ‘Green Leader’ award winner


Huge congratulations to Chris Pryke-Hendy, winner of the Green Leader award at the East Midlands Business Desk Awards.

Chris has been our Head of Sustainability for less than three years, but in that short time he’s completely transformed the culture of environmental sustainability at NCHA.

Chris holding his awardSustainability at the heart

Chris brings positive and infectious energy to everything he does. He inspires new ways of thinking, and sweeps his colleagues along with him. He’s made sure sustainability is at the heart of all decision making.

At NCHA, we have a responsibility to our customers and communities to act with the environment in mind.

To support this, Chris has launched our Environmental Sustainability Strategy. It makes sure all our services and future plans deliver real and meaningful sustainable results and make a difference to our customers, colleagues and the planet.

A true ‘green leader’

Chris has achieved so much, it’s impossible to mention it all, but some of the highlights include:

  • Retrofit: Energy improvements to some of our most energy inefficient homes
  • Supporting the design of more environmentally friendly new home developments, by working with our architects at Pelham
  • Trialling environmental sensors to measure the performance of our homes and living environments for our customers
  • Working with us as we develop our new offices, ensuring a carbon-neutral build and wildlife friendly features
  • A fuel poverty register to target support to customers who need it most
  • Creating biodiverse green spaces for customers and colleagues to enjoy.

Chris’ energy and enthusiasm has kick-started a shift that has swept through the organisation, influencing all that we do, and helping prepare NCHA for a more sustainable future.

He’s the very epitome of what a ‘green leader’ should be, and we couldn’t be prouder to have his achievements acknowledged in this way.

Thanks for everything you do Chris!