Our Ambitions

The world around us is changing, and the work that we do has never been more important.

We have big plans for NCHA, and remain dedicated to our vision of more homes, great services and better lives.

Our new Group Corporate Plan - ‘Our Ambitions’ highlights the areas of our business that are most important to us, and describes what we’re aiming to achieve over the next five years.

We’ve written it alongside our customers and colleagues, to ensure that they remain at the heart of all of our plans.

Delivering on our ambitions

Our Group Corporate Plan in supported by five key corporate strategies:

  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy
  • Social Impact Strategy
  • Value for Money Strategy
  • Customer Strategy
  • Places Strategy

Collectively, these provide us with a framework for delivering on our goals and promises, and offer a window into the ambitions we have for our people, places and customers across NCHA.

NCHA: Our Ambitions

Our key 12 ambitions for the next five years: 2024-2029.

NCHA Our Ambitions