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We value our staff

At NCHA we recognise that our most valuable resource is our staff. They alone can ensure the achievement of our vision: 'More Homes, Great Services, Better Lives'.

We aim to promote positive working lives for our employees, through;

  • resourcing
  • performance
  • learning and development
  • reward
  • employee relations and engagement
  • inclusion and well being.

We also have a long-standing record of investing in staff training and development. We have our own Training and Learning Centre which provides an extensive in-house training programme for our staff, with over 60 training courses available each year. We also provide access to formal qualifications, specialist external courses and conferences.

Staff Testimonials

Our staff are passionate and care about what they do:


Sarah, Assistant Manager, SMaRT

We make a difference to people's lives. It does sound a bit of a cliché, but we’re there in times of crisis.

I’ve been here 13 years. Every day is different and I love it.

I think for any of us, we do this job because we care. You have to be empathic. I always say, you cannot train somebody to care, or to show empathy, it’s inbuilt in you.


Robyn, Communications Officer

Although diversity is important, it should not be something that separates us. I have personally experienced discrimination so I know how it feels to be by-passed for great opportunities and development because of the colour of your skin.

I’ve always felt supported at NCHA and have had the opportunity to work with so many different departments, enabling me to progress and take on more challenging roles, such as my current role as a Communications Officer in the Corporate Services department. I’m happy to have found an organisation that truly values its employees and look forward to developing my career within NCHA in the future.

As a result, I am delighted to be employed by and represent an organisation that not only values, but also supports equality and diversity. I can honestly say that NCHA equally values all of its employees and I hope to continue to promote this culture of equality and diversity as a diversity champion.

Anthony, Administrative Assistant (Training)

I began working for NCHA in October 2014 as part of an apprenticeship for Level 2 Business, which I successfully completed in January 2016.

I am now a permanent employee of NCHA. Having completed and passed my Level 2 Business Admin, I have now begun the Level 3 version of the qualification, which is being funded by NCHA. I chose to apply for a permanent position at NCHA as I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an apprentice; everyone has a generally positive attitude and the development opportunities available are immense.

Saima, Support Worker

I work with ‘Moving Forward City.’ It has helped me to learn a lot about mental health and I am very fortunate to work with a lovely team.
Recently I have been selected as a Diversity Champion, to represent religions and raise awareness.

NCHA is rich in culture and a diverse organisation to work for. People are treated with respect, and the company is good at putting people in positions to maximise their strengths.

Wendy, Support Worker

I can empathise, and I know how they’re feeling and what they’re going through. And that’s why I chose to work in the line of care and support.

It’s a fantastic job, you get out of it what you put in - the more you put in, the more you get out.

What I get out of the job is absolute job satisfaction, every day of my life. You can’t buy that.


Jason, Scheme Manager

I started working with NCHA in May 2009 as a support worker. I chose NCHA at the time, as they were renowned for their training, progression and retention of staff. And true to their reputation, I am still here after 7 years and now a Scheme Manager. I have been supported from day one to progress in terms of training. I am currently undertaking a Level 5 CMI Diploma in Management and Leadership (funded by NCHA).

Looking back at my journey with NCHA, I am pleased I made the decision of choosing NCHA as an employer; they are really committed to staff development and progression and making a positive difference in both staff and service users’ lives.

Sue, Contracts Manager 

There’s a heart, a big heart in NCHA.

I want to help people. I want to be there to support people to have better lives.


Nkosana, Service Manager - Estates

NCHA is a magnificent organisation to work for. They have a thriving culture of investing in people and enhancing career development. NCHA offers tremendous benefits to staff including the internal work environment and opportunities including in-house and external training.

I am a prime example of how NCHA enhances career development through investing in people. I started my career in housing at NCHA as an Anti- Social Behaviour Officer in 2008. Having obtained a qualifying law degree at the time, NCHA paid for my first year in the MSc Housing course to enhance my skills and broaden opportunities.

In 2015 I successfully applied for and was appointed Service Manager – Estates. This was a wonderful career development opportunity; NCHA have helped me in every step of my professional growth.

Jessica, Support Worker 

I started at NCHA as an Apprentice Business Administrator. I was supported to complete my NVQ Business Administration Level 2. I then moved to Housing with Care and Support Reception and completed my NVQ Business Administration Level 3.

Now I am a Support Worker at a service for homeless young people aged 16 – 21.

I have enjoyed every minute of the way through NCHA. I feel secure as an employee with NCHA, and fully believe that I will be with the organisation for a very long time.