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Mission and values

NCHA works hard across all its services to deliver, 'More homes, great services, better lives'.

The Board of Management has adopted the following statement to describe the NCHA's mission:

’To provide high quality, low cost housing, services and support for more people in need’

We have adopted a number of key priorities, performance indicators and targets to enable the delivery of the mission and vision to be monitored.

CLEAR values

Underpinning everything that NCHA does is a commitment to equality and diversity, value for money, social responsibility, adding social value and delivering our core values of:


     We care about what we do and the way we do it 


  We learn, improve and put the customer first to get better results 


  We are engaged and motivated to make a difference 


  We are answerable for what we do and don't do 


  We are ready to respond to opportunities and challenges 

For more information about NCHA's corporate objectives, please read our Corporate Plan.

Read some examples of behaviours we would like to see from our colleagues to meet our CLEAR values.

NCHA is committed to developing the health and wellbeing of tenants, service users and colleagues, and within local communities. Read our health and wellbeing statement to find out how this shapes our work.