Market rent tenants

While many of NCHA's homes are let on an affordable rent basis (which tends to be around 80% of the rent that would be charged on the open market), we also let homes at market rents. Information on this page is for tenants who rent from us at market rent levels.

Contacting us about your market rent property

You can phone us or email Our repairs page explains how to contact us about repairs

We're always keen to hear your feedback, both good and bad, as it helps us to keep improving our services. Use the contact details above, or fill in our online contact form.

Paying your rent

Market rent tenants must pay their rent on the first of each month, by Direct Debit. If your payment arrives late, we will usually contact you to alert you to the fact that your account is in debit.

If you're struggling financially, please get in touch and talk to us about it. If you don't speak to us, or avoid our attempts to make contact with you, your home will be at risk of being repossessed.

Anti-social behaviour

If you're experiencing problems with neighbours or people in your community, contact your local police. We can work with them to tackle problems and help you collect any evidence that might be needed.

It is a condition of our tenancy contracts that residents and their visitors must not cause anti-social behaviour. People found to be in breach of this could face eviction.

Moving out

If/when you decide to move out of your property, you need to write to us (an email is fine) and give us one month's notice that you intend to end your tenancy. You are responsible for the rent up to the date on which you return the keys to us.

Once we receive your letter or email, we'll arrange for an allocation co-ordinator to visit the property for a pre-termination inspection. At this appointment, we'll be looking to see what repairs or maintenance might need to be done after you move out. We can also advise you of anything you may need to do in order to get a full refund of your deposit.

On the last day of your tenancy, we'll do a checkout inspection. You must hand over all keys to the allocation co-ordinator on the day you leave the property - if you're unable to attend the final inspection, you may post the keys to our head office by recorded delivery. 

If we have to clear the property of personal belongings, repair any damage, or change a lock because the keys have not been returned, you will be charged.

Your deposit

At the start of your tenancy, the security deposit you paid will have been registered with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS), and they would have given you two identification numbers to keep a record of. It's those two numbers that you will need to get your deposit back from the DPS.

Once we've completed your checkout inspection, we'll initiate the process with the DPS to repay your deposit. (You can also contact them to start this process once you've given us notice that you are moving out.)

The amount refunded to you will depend on the condition in which you have left the property, and the balance on your rent account. We'll discuss this with you and come to an agreement. Once both parties have accepted the deposit repayment request, the funds will be sent to your nominated bank account within five working days.