Dogs and dog fouling

Tenants need written permission from us to have a pet - check your tenancy agreement for more information.

Dangerous dogs

There are four types of dog that people in the UK are not allowed to keep as pets:

  • Pit bull terrier
  • Japanese tosa
  • Dogo argentino
  • Fila brasileiro.

If you suspect that one of these dogs is being kept in a home near you, contact your local council for advice. If the dog is in a property managed by us, please contact us to let us know. 

Dog fouling

If dog mess is a regular problem in your neighbourhood, report it:

When we get a report about persistent dog mess, we can send out a letter to tenants in the area reminding them to pick up after their pets. We can also arrange a visit to talk to the owner. Our service standards explain what you can expect from us.