Volunteer stories

A wealth of people have given up their time to volunteer for NCHA over the years. Here is a selection of the comments they've made about the experience and what they got out of it.

Why do you volunteer?

  • "Our service users inspire me to volunteer. My Foothold family have helped me become a more empathetic person and a more capable professional."
  • "Just seeing a service user benefit from my time volunteering gives great me fulfilment."
  •  “It’s about improving wellbeing, and cementing the reasons why people choose to work at NCHA.”
  • "I gain satisfaction from teaching tenants how to use technology at Lilac Court. This helps with social exclusion and makes life easier for people with mobility issues."

Personal development

  • "My confidence has gone up, and it has also helped me with my depression and anxiety. Volunteering has made me realise what I eventually want as a career." Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator, Young People Service
  • "My confidence is much better and I think I’ve made a good impact on people." Volunteer Peer Mentor, Young People Service
  • "This experience has been so valuable. I have learned an enormous amount about the diversity of the Nottingham City community, housing and social policy, and safeguarding. Not just this, but I feel my experience has made me a more adaptable and assertive person and shown me how a supportive work environment can make a team flourish." Volunteer, Independent Living Service

Socialising and new experiences

"It is nice to mix with people, and I have made many new friends." Activity Volunteer, Older Person’s Services

Helping others

"I thrive on helping others. I have been in that position before, so I know how hard it is without family or financial stability and because I got so much help from NCHA, I like to give something back." Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator, Young People’s Service

“It’s been brilliant coming together as a team to build something meaningful for NCHA service users." Volunteer, Learning Disabilities Service

Getting back to work

"I am now looking forward to starting work again after volunteering with NCHA for seven months. It has helped me in my job development. Thanks to the team for their help, support and encouragement." Volunteer Administrator, Independent Living Service

"I have always felt destined to help people, but becoming ill, I felt I had to help myself first. Going through NCHA and receiving support from others gave me a new perspective on life and then after the positive experiences I gained volunteering, I set out to help others by becoming a support worker myself!" Volunteer Peer Mentor, Mental Health Services

Volunteering at NCHA

"Staff are welcoming and supportive." Volunteer Arts and Crafts Activity Organiser, Registered Care Home

“It’s been amazing, thank you so much for your help rejuvenating our greenspace. You have helped our community spark the light to help our younger generations grow and appreciate what mother nature has left for us to enjoy. We thank you!” Volunteer, Rainworth Tree Planting Event