What to expect

When you accept your tenancy, we will make sure that the property is at an agreed lettable standard. The list below details what we will have done at your property to make sure it meets our standards:

  • The property will have been cleaned throughout
  • All rubbish and furniture will have been removed and the garden cleared (once you have started your tenancy)
  • The loft insulation will be checked and upgraded if necessary
  • The soundness of the plasterwork will have been checked as far as possible without stripping existing wall coverings
  • The location of the gas, electric and water meters will have been noted 
  • A gas and heating safety check will have been undertaken and any upgrade will be reported
  • An electrical safety check will have been undertaken
  • All doors/drawers (external, internal and cupboards) will open and close correctly
  • Locks will be changed on all external doors, and door seals and draught excluders checked
  • Two sets of keys for all external doors and communal doors will be provided
  • Floors, stair treads and hand rails will have been checked to ensure that they are safe
  • Kitchen and bathroom vinyl floors will have been checked to ensure that they are waterproof
  • The bath, hand basin and WC will have been checked for cracks and stains, and the condition of tiles, sealant around the bath and hand basin will have been checked
  • The smoke alarm will be checked and a new battery installed

(Note: on occasion it may be more convenient for you to move in to your new home and NCHA complete works after your tenancy has started.)


When viewing your property you will normally be informed of any decorating vouchers available. The amount offered is intended to be a contribution towards the cost of redecorating – it will not cover the whole cost of decorating your property. The voucher will be sent to you after you’ve signed your tenancy agreement, or given to you at sign up, and must be spent on decorating materials and tools. (Change will not be given for any shortfall in the amount you spend or for the value of the voucher.)

Rent levels

As a new tenant of NCHA you may be offered a home where an "affordable rent" is charged. This rent is set at 80% of the market rent for similar properties in a similar area. Our rents are set by an independent Chartered Surveyor and are updated twice a year.

Some residents may also have to pay a service charge for certain costs which are shared by other tenants, for example communal cleaning or gardens.

Some tenants may pay a "social rent" which is below market rent and is broadly in line with other housing associations or local authority rents for similar properties in similar areas. Service charges may also apply to tenants charged a social rent.