If you’re using, doing or taking something to the point where it’s causing you harm, you may have an addiction.

Addiction is often associated with things like drinking, smoking, taking drugs or gambling. But just about anything can be addictive to the point that it has a negative effect on your life, from social media to food.

Addiction is a treatable condition. Whatever the addiction, there are lots of ways you can seek help. You could see your GP for advice, or contact an organisation that specialises in helping people with addictions.


The NHS have easy-to-use tools, including an app, to help you stop smoking.


If you need help to stop drinking, Alcoholics Anonymous run support meetings and networks throughout the UK. The NHS also provides information on support with alcohol

In Nottingham, the Nottingham Recovery Network can support you if you need help with drug or alcohol dependency. 


Visit the NHS website to find out about support available to people who are struggling with addiction to drugs


If you feel like you don’t have control over your gambling, you can access help from Gamcare, who operate the National Gambling Helpline. They can support you with blocking apps to prevent you from accessing gambling websites and apps, and they can also help you to work through money issues you may be facing.

For local support, contact the East Midlands Gambling Harms Service on 0300 013 2330. 

Helping others with addiction

If you are supporting a family member or friend with addiction, you might also benefit from some support yourself. The NHS website has information on support groups that could help you.


Some councils have schemes to provide local support services.