Contracts and procurement

Procurement opportunities

When we're looking for suppliers and carrying out a procurement process, you'll find all the details on the following websites: 

Awarding contracts

Our formal tendering process ensures that contracts at NCHA are awarded fairly. The regulations NCHA is governed by require contracts to be awarded after a competitive and transparent process. This could involved a tendering exercise, or seeking quotations from prospective suppliers. 

How to apply

If your business would like to work with NCHA, these steps will help you:

  • Carefully read the information NCHA provides, and if you have any questions, ask them in advance of the deadline. 
  • Make sure you respond in the format requested in the documentation. Check you've answered all the questions and provided anything you're asked to.
  • A deadline is usually provided in the form of a time and date - make sure you get your tender in on time. 

Our documentation will make clear how tenders will be evaluated. We usually look at price and quality, as well as other factors. The contract will be awarded to the supplier who scores highest in the tendering process. They will be asked to sign a written contract with NCHA. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified, and will have the opportunity to request feedback on their tender.