Greenhouse gas emissions

Each year, NCHA will publish its greenhouse gas emissions to track our progress. Our 2022-23 emissions are detailed in the table below.

Our target is to reduce our total emissions by 50% by 2025. We’ll do this by changing the way we manage our fleet vehicles and offices, as well as using more renewable energy.

NCHA's greenhouse gas emissions, 2022-23
Scope Description Emissions (kgco2e)
1 Carbon emitted directly by NCHA, including the gas used to heat our offices and communal areas and the fuel used by our van fleet. 935,494
2 Carbon emitted in the generation of our electricity. 1,061,718
3 Estimated indirect emissions, including customer utility use in our homes and business travel. 22,270,190
Total All carbon emissions 24,267,402

All figures are in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (kgCO2e) and are rounded to the nearest unit. *Grey fleet means colleagues using their own cars for business purposes.