Paul in lounge

I am raising my boy on my own and want him to have a better life.

Single, 47 year old Dad, Paul and his four year old son Alden had been on the council’s waiting list for over three years. In January 2024, they were allocated a two-bedroom house on a brand new energy-efficient development in Clay Cross.

They had been living in a one-bed rented flat, surrounded by anti-social behaviour and they were desperate to move to improve their safety. Paul had been beaten badly in front of his son and neighbours. Thankfully he’s in a much better place since finding a new place to live.

Here’s what Paul had to say about his new home:

“I am raising my boy on my own and want him to have a better life. He needed a role model and I was struggling with anxiety and depression due to our living situation.

“I was bidding every week on properties through Choice Moves, they were not always great but I was desperate. When I compare this brand new build to the previous properties I was looking at, I could say it was worth the wait! The quality and finish is fantastic, we couldn’t be happier.

“I see this is a fresh start for Alden and myself. We are in Clay Cross and walking distance to everything we need. Alden has started nursery and we are making friends with the neighbours. Life couldn’t be better.”

Funding from North East Derbyshire District Council ensured that these new affordable homes were fitted with solar panels, under-floor heating, air-source heat pumps and high-end insulation. These new homes will deliver both a low carbon footprint and help to reduce energy costs for the new residents.