‘Keeping our customers safe is our top priority’

We’ve appointed a Health and Safety Lead and Consumer Regulation Lead.

We’re committed to ensuring your home is the safest it can be. As part of this, the Social Housing Regulation Act 2023 requires every registered social housing provider to appoint a Health and Safety Lead.

We’re pleased to appoint David Bowes, Group Health and Safety Manager, into this role. David will be responsible for monitoring whether we (as your landlord) are complying with health and safety rules, and he will assess whether we are ever at risk of non-compliance with the law.

David will then notify the government’s Regulator of Social Housing of any risks and/or failures to comply. To support this, we will ensure David has enough authority and time to carry out these duties.

Consumer Regulation Lead

We’re also pleased to appoint Holly Dagnall, Director of Homes and Wellbeing, as our dedicated Consumer Regulation Lead. In this role, Holly will be responsible for ensuring that we comply with the new consumer standards as a housing association.

The Regulator of Social Housing’s new consumer standards came into force in April 2024. Their purpose is to promote ‘a well-governed social housing sector which provides quality homes and services for tenants’.

Holly said: “Keeping our customers safe by regularly reviewing how we manage our homes is our top priority.”

We’ve notified the Regulator of the names and contact details of these new leads. We’ll also publish any key information on our website to help maximise transparency.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us using our online form.